Sebo Duo P clean Carpet powder cleaner deodorizer kit

$47.08 Incl GST
$40.94 Excl GST


SEBO Duo P Clean Box Carpet Powder and Brush.

SEBO Duo P Clean Box is a 500g packet of Duo-Powder that comes with a spot clean brush. The Duo dry powder system cleans without the use of water.

To spot clean stubborn stains with SEBO Spot Clean Box:
• Spread a small amount of duo-P powder from the Spot clean Box onto the soiled area.
• Gently work the powder into the carpet using the brush provided with the SEBO Clean Box. Older or more stubborn stains may require further treatments. Simply repeat the process until the stain is completely removed.
• Once the duo-P powder has absorbed all of the dirt and the area is dry to the touch (approximately 30 minutes), vacuum the area thoroughly

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