RapidClean Carpet Plus 5L

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RapidClean Carpet Plus is used as a carpet extraction detergent, carpet prespotter, odour suppressor and deodoriser. Offers carpet cleaners so much with the one carpet cleaning product.
Carpet Plus offers superior detergency and cleaning performance without the use of alkaline boosters or enzymatic detergents.


  • Spontaneous emulsification of oily soils
  • Rapid soil penetration and dislodgement
  • Safe on most carpet fibres including wool
  • Safe on most stain resistant carpets
  • Built in odour neutraliser
  • Excellent detergency on natural & synthetic fibres


1. Vacuum area thoroughly to remove dry soil.
2. Dilute Carpet Plus 25mL/L for normal soiling and 50mL/L for heavily soiled conditions.
3. Always pre-test the detergent on the carpet in a small inconspicuous area before using. This is to determine if the product is going to have any adverse effects on the carpet.
4. Spray diluted Carpet Plus over the carpet with an atomising spray and allow to dwell for 15-20 minutes.
5. Agitate the carpet with a pile brush or other suitable equipment if necessary.
6. Stains or heavily soiled areas may be treated using Carpet Plus at 200mL/L dilution. Apply to stain. Gently agitate working from the edge of the stain towards the centre.
7. Extract the carpet with clean water and allow to dry. Fans or other ventilation can be used to reduce drying times.

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