Ec4 Glass Cleaner 5L

$35.00 Excl GST



Application:Jasol?s Environmental Choice EC4 is an environmentally responsible and superior strength window, glass and chrome cleaner that leaves surfaces with a sparkling streak free shine.
EC4 utilises an ammonia-free formula that is made from
renewable plant resources rather than oil based ingredients, is readily biodegradable and is an environmentally responsible choice for your cleaning needs.
Benefit:DIRECTIONS FOR USE ? For windows, glass, laminated surfaces, chrome, vinyl and baked enamel surfaces. ? Do not use on wooden furniture, waxed or polished finis. Glass Cleaner is most easily used with an atomiser hand spray. ? Use EC4 ? Glass Cleaner diluted with water at a rate of 1:1 to up to 1:5. ? Spray onto the glass surface rub well with an absorbent dry cloth until dry. ? If the cloth becomes too damp, turn to a new surface or use another.

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