Clinitol Surgical Disinfectant 20L

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Clinitol surgical Disinfectant 20L

Clinical quality Phenol and pine oil based disinfectant. A powerful formula giving complete protection against a wide range of micro organisms especially in clinical situations.

Clinitol is a premium quality broad spectrum clinical disinfectant providing complete protection against
a wide range of micro-organisms. Clinitol's unique formula is based upon the natural disinfectant and
deodorizer, pine oil. It also contains Dichlorometaxylenol enabling it to be
used with confidence as a skin antiseptic or as a powerful disinfectant for domestic, surgical or

veterinary applications.
Domestic Use:

Apply in cold water diluting as follows:
 For first aid and personal hygiene:
(Minor cuts, abrasions, stings, acne
Use 40 mls per litre of water.
 To refresh and sanitise bath water:
Add 15-30mls to water.
 For general disinfection: (Floors,
walls and other hard surfaces):
Use 10mls per litre of water.
 For toilets, drains, sinks etc, use
Clinitol undiluted.
Surgical and Veterinary Use:

 For disinfection in lambing, docking
etc: Use 50mls per litre of water.
 For sanitising & sterilising of
equipment etc: Use 20mls litre of

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