Hygrene Odourless Disinfectant (5L)

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Hygrene Odourless Disinfectant (5L)

**This is dated stock from the manufacturer - however as a quat-based cleaner it is inherently stable and will still work. Any MPI approvals for use in professional kitchens are void as testing is only valid for the length of time specified by the manufacturer.**

Disinfectant Cleaner

Hygrene is a general purpose detergent combined with a powerful germicide. It is used in areas where hygiene is essential, for example in restaurants, hospitals, hotels and food processing plants.

How to use:

For general use as a cleaner/disinfectant, use at dilution rate of around 1:50 and apply to surface. Leave for a contact time of at least 3 minutes then wipe surface with potable water.

Can be uses to clean mold off surfaces and wood - starting at 1:50 wipe on the surface, allow good contact time and then wipe surface with water. For bad mold build-up on surfaces not used in food preparation may be required to use more like moss-kill - spray on at 1:10 dilution and leave to soak in for an extended period of time. If possible do not wipe surface with water and dilute the product, let it set for around 24 hours, then come back and wipe off with damp cloth - process may need to be repeated depending on type of mold and how ingrained into the surface it is.

**This information for mold removal is provided without warranty and we encourage you test in a small area before applying to entire surfaces - colour fastness of surfaces is highly variable and use on different flooring or wall materials may have varying results.**


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