Clinisan 750ml Spray Bottle

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Clinisan 750ml Spray Bottle

750ml Spray Bottle with Clinisan Label

A 750ml spray bottle suitable for use with the Clinisan product line. The bottle has measuring marks along the side up to 750ml to make it easy to create the product. Comes with the label required for your specifc needs. See below as to the labels and please place in the shipping notes which labeled bottles you would like. 

Clinisan Links

Clinisan is found here: https://www.countiescleaning.c...

Clinisan Labels only here: https://www.countiescleaning.c...

Label Samples 

No-Rinse Food Grade (MPI Approved C42)

Clinisan 0.1% - For Daycare Change Tables

Clinisan 0.5% Mixture

Clinisan Standard Labels

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