Available in 100 x 5 gram tablets & 200 x 1 gram tablets
1 gram tablets are ideal for spray bottles, 5 gram tablets are ideal for buckets. 

Clinisan Labels for Spray Bottles :https://www.countiescleaning.c...

CLINISAN Tablets have been Tested and now Certified to be effective against Human Coronavirus

100 x 5g disinfectant tablets - 150L of disinfection solution

1 x 5g tablet per 1.5 L of water for Covid-19 disinfection ($0.40 / L of disinfection solution)

CLINISAN disinfectant tablets are designed for hospitals, laboratories, vets, retirement homes and villages and other clinics. CLINISAN is resistant against inactivation by inorganic matters, therefore it is strongly recommended for the treatment of blood and body fluid spills.

Each container of CLINISAN produces a generous amount of chlorine disinfectant solution. With easy dilution and measurement, the convenient tablets make for simple and effective removal of a broad spectrum of unwanted microorganisms.

Why would you change to Clinisan tablets?

  • No more dangerous chemicals - No more over or under dosing.
  • Spillage risk reduced - Of concentrate onto fabrics, floor or people.
  • Light and compact - No bulky liquid containers.
  • Dissolves at pH ~6 - Closer to neutral, therefore safer for skin, surfaces and polishes.
  • Less corrosive - Proven to be less corrosive than bleach.
  • Biodegradable - Fully biodegradable once in solution.
  • Stability - Shelf life of 5 years in tablet form.
  • Food grade - Clinisan is an MPI approved no-rinse sanitiser.
  • Easy to use - easy as add a tablet to spray bottle or bucket and fill with water.


      • Biodegradable
        Fully biodegradable once solution is created.

      • Effective against Coronavirus
        CLINISAN Tablets have been Tested and now Certified to be effective against Human Coronavirus

      • Less Risk
        The tablets are easy to store and pose much less spillage risk compared to large amounts of concentrate.

      • Measure water, not concentrate!
        Convenient Tablet and full breakdown on tub for easy to fill dilution rates.

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