TruShot Restroom Multi Surface Cleaner

$20.35 Incl GST
$17.70 Excl GST


TRUSHOT Restroom Multi-Surface Cleaner penetrates to remove tough dirt and soap scum from restroom surfaces such as toilets, tubs and tile, leaving a fresh clean scent. Each 296ml concentrate cartridge makes up to 9 litres of ready to use solution.

TruShot Bathroom Cleaner Safety Data Sheet


The TruShot Mobile Dispensing System keeps crews moving with our patented spray-and-wipe cleaning system that provides optimised dilution delivery. The easy-to-use system requires no mixing, measuring or stopping and its fully intuitive design will have cleaning crews using it in minutes.

The on-board 296ml. water reservoir easily fills at any water source reducing re-supply trips to the closet. Using our high-quality SC Johnson ProfessionalĀ® hard surface chemistries, this patented system simplifies dilution dispensing and replaces wall-mounted or other concentrate dispensing systems.

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