Moerman Premium Window Squeegee Complete 14 inch 35CM

$47.69 Incl GST
$41.47 Excl GST


Moerman Window Squeegee Complete 14 inch is a commercial/professional grade window cleaning squeegee.

Moerman Premium Handle

  • Fits on Moerman Steel channel and Rubber
  • Anti-slip material
  • Soft-touch
  • Ergonomic
  • Secure grip even when wet
  • Easy On – Easy Off
  • Premium brushed stainless steel provides long life rust-resistance.
  • Ergonomic release spring means quick rubber replacement and channel adjustment

Moerman Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 14 inch

  • Premium brushed stainless steel (=rust-resistant)
  • Durable
  • Complete with Dura-Flex rubber SOFT or HARD
  • Notched channel to securely hold rubber and channel in place

Compatible with these Moerman Pole:

 1.2M Pole : https://www.countiescleaning.c...

 3.0M Pole: https://www.countiescleaning.c...

 5.0M Pole : https://www.countiescleaning.c...

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