Aromatherapy Spa Salts 5 pack

$51.32 Incl GST
$44.63 Excl GST


Waters Choice Aromatherapy Spa Salts are a great way to make your spa water smell Fragrance nice. There are 5 different Fragrance scents in this pack.

  • Wellness Aromatherapy Salts
  • Happy Aromatherapy Salts
  • Refresh Aromatherapy Salts
  • Exotic Night Aromatherapy Salts
  • Summer Breeze Aromatherapy Salts

it is important that you shake the jar well before adding, because oils can settle to the bottom of the jar. The aromatherapy salts will fully dissolve after being added to your water and can be added before or during your spa use.

The amount you add will depend on the desired strength of the scent. Typically, 1/2 to one full cap will be plenty.

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