Makita DVC261 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner ( with 4 Batteries)

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Makita DVC261 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner ( with 4 Batteries)

Handy and powerful, weighing in at only 4.5kg.

The 2 x 18 V drive of the battery backpack vacuum cleaner protects the environment, but provides full power. The air flow rate reaches a maximum of 2,300 l/min, the container volume holds up to 2 litres.

The DVC261ZX15 cordless backpack vacuum cleaner converts the used 2 x 18 V into powerful 36 V and the device is ready to start with the 2 x 18 volt original Makita system. Simply insert two existing 18 V Makita Li-ion batteries to use powerful 36 V battery power!

Handy and powerful.

The very light battery backpack vacuum cleaner is equipped with a highly effective HEPA filter. Operation is convenient via controller in 3 steps with integrated LED workstation lighting. Thanks to the memory function, the battery backpack vacuum starts with the same suction power as before switching off. With two BL1860B, the DVC261ZX15 achieves an operating time of up to 140 minutes. Thanks to the telescopic suction tube made of aluminium, the comfortable straps and the low weight, the work can be carried out comfortably and easily. In addition, the DVC261ZX15 is equipped with a brushless motor. The brushless motor reduces power consumption and at the same time achieves a more compact design of the battery backpack vacuum cleaner.

Safe and durable.

The battery backpack vacuum cleaner is powered by two 18 volt batteries. Batteries with 1.5 (only BL1815N) up to 6.0 Ah can be used here: the higher the amp hours (Ah), the longer the cordless angle drill can be used with a battery charge.

With batteries with different amp hours in use, the cordless angle drill aligns with the battery with the lower amp hours and turns off when it is empty. However, it is recommended to use two equivalent batteries during operation.


  • Brushless motor delivers up to 140 mins of run time using 2 x BL1860B on low setting
  • HEPA Filter to capture very fine particles effectively
  • 2.0 L large dust bag for continuous cleaning work
  • Lightweight for reduced operator fatigue
  • Push button air volume selection (Max/High/low)
  • Overall dimensions: 230 mm
  • Net weight: 3.9-4.5kg

NOTE: Comes with 4 x 6.0Ah batteries & a dual port charger

Comes with 5 years warranty (if you register online with Makita within 30 days of your purchase, otherwise 3 years warranty)

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