Taylors Pool Pump and sand Filter Combo Kit

$610.00 Excl GST


Bad boy Taylors Pool Pump and sand Filter Combo Kit

This kit comes with 2 bags of sand as well. suits for pools up to 36000 L water. suitable for inground and above ground pools. 

Bad Boy Fiberglass sand filter

Removing unwanted additions to your pool is critical to pool health. You need a filter that can not only retain thiswashoutfrom filtrationbut handle thehigh pressure action of a good pump.

Bluey filters are solid wound fibreglass. They are UV & chemical resistant and handle up to 36psi.2.5bar.

Bluey comes standard with a 6 position Multi port valve with sight glass and SS pressure gauge.

Ideal for use on any sort of pool regardless of whether fresh or salt water.

Warranty – 5years on parts. (Excludes spider valve seal)

Bad Boy Charlie single speed pool pump

Ideal for fresh or salt pools. Water features. Solar Pool heating.

  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Glass filled poly-propylene construction for strength with High UV protection.
  • Mechanical Seal – carbon ceramic for reliable performance and durability.
  • Bearings sourced from the best, TPI-Taiwan
  • Large leaf basket with clear view lid.
  • Fitting unions – 40mm
  • Suction end 2.5m
  • Ready to go plug in with 3m flex.
  • Built in overload thermal protector, made in USA
  • Water ingress to IP55 standard
  • Single Phase 240V/50Hz
  • Operating temp – water< 40゜ C / ambient< 50゜ C
  • Complies with AS/NZS60335.1 & AS/NZS60335.2.41
  • 3 year domestic warranty (2 year Mechanical Seal warranty), 1 year commercial warranty

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