Mammoth Cleaner/Degreaser 5L (Suitable For Truck Curtains and Sides)

$48.30 Incl GST
$42.00 Excl GST


Mammoth Cleaner/Degreaser 5 Litres

A water-based cleaner/degreaser, Mammoth is designed to clean a wide range of surfaces. It can be used undiluted on concrete and other areas around workshop or machinery depending on how bad the soiling is. It is suitable for cleaning truck curtains, guards, engines and wheels as well.  


  • Cleaning curtain siders
  • Tarpaulins
  • Fibreglass refrigerated units
  • Concrete Floor and surfaces in workshops


For heavy soil use 1 part Mammoth to 4 Parts water, spray under bonnet, guards, engine, wheels, curtains then blast off. Do not let it dry onto surfaces as it may cause streaking. Gloves and goggles recommended while using.

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