ESG Slim 2 Ply 100% Recycled Toilet Tissue

$146.11 Incl GST
$127.05 Excl GST


ESG Slim 2 Ply 100% Recycled Toilet Tissue

800 sheets per roll, 36 rolls per carton

100% recycled paper. Toilet paper made from 100% post consumer waste. 

Eliminate Empty Dispensers
Ensures the maximum use of each toilet roll and eliminates waste, as well
as replenishment downtime.

Reduce Blockages
Our premium 100% recycled paper is designed to breakdown quickly,
reducing blockages.
Reduce Cleaning Required

ESG Slim toilet rolls reduce mess from paper tabbing, eliminate paper
shredding, and spent cores are left in the dispenser leaving the washroom
floor clean.
Reduce your Environmental Impact

The ESG Slim space saving core means smaller carton size and reduced
storage requirements.
Compared to previous 3 roll dispensers, ESG Slim dispenser uses 47%
less plastic.
Increased levels of hygiene & reduced levels of consumption

Our Slim core technology assists in reducing consumption, maintenance
and overall costs. All toilet rolls are individually wrapped in a branded
100% recycled enviro-wrap, for ease of identification and enhanced levels
of hygiene.
Single Roll Dispensing Guaranteed

Whilst in the ESG Slim dispenser, each roll has its own security cradle,
ensuring that only one roll is dispensed at a time and that the reserve
rolls are not accessible from the base of the dispenser
Robust Slim Core Technology

The unique Slim space saving core ensures the maximum use of each
toilet tissue roll before advancing to the next. Our new split core doesn’t
expose any paper, which may cause jamming, paper shredding and mess. 

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