ESG Slim 3 Roll controlled use Dispenser Black

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ESG Slim 3 Roll controlled use Toilet Tissue Dispenser Black

Dimensions (CM): 30.2 L  X  11.8 D  X  29.5 H

Esg Slim is the cutting edge of innovation, changing the way the industry looks at high capacity dispensing for high traffic washrooms. 

ESG Slim 3-roll controlled-use dispenser is ideal for high-traffic environments
• High Capacity 3-Roll Dispenser - Maximum capacity when fully loaded equates
to 4,800 sheets of 1-ply or 2,400 sheets of 2-ply, reducing the labour and
replenishment requirement’s
• The translucent back panel, allows for easy identification, eliminating the need
to open each dispenser to see if they need replenishment
• When one roll of tissue is finished, simply turn the dial to advance to the next roll

Eliminate Empty Dispensers
Ensures the maximum use of each toilet roll and eliminates waste, as well
as replenishment downtime.
Premium Dispenser with a Reduced Dispenser Footprint

High gloss cover delivers a premium finish to your facilities washroom.
ESG Slim is the smallest, high-capacity 3-roll toilet tissue
dispenser available.
Eliminate Pilferage and Vandalism

Redesigned and reinforced lockable cabinet with three keys attached
to the translucent back panel.
Each roll is housed in its own security cradle, ensuring reserve rolls
are not accessible by the public.
Reduce Blockages

Our premium 100% recycled paper is designed to breakdown quickly,
reducing blockages.

Reduce Cleaning Required

ESG Slim toilet rolls reduce mess from paper tabbing, eliminate paper
shredding, and spent cores are left in the dispenser leaving the washroom
floor clean.
Reduce your Environmental Impact

The ESG Slim space saving core means smaller carton size and reduced
storage requirements.
Compared to previous 3 roll dispensers, ESG Slim dispenser uses 47%
less plastic.

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