Diversey Taski Room Care R3 Plus 1.5L

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Diversey Taski Room Care R3 Plus 1.5L

Roomcare R3 Plus is a Multi-surface cleaner concentrate for glass and other water-resistant hard surfaces formulated for use with the Johnson Diversey Divermite dispenser.

Highly effective neutral product. It dries quickly without streaking, and finger marks. It has a pleasant, fresh room care fragrance. Easy spray-on, wipe-off action.

Key properties

• Highly effective neutral product
• Dries quickly without streaking
• Pleasant, fresh Room Care fragrance

• Easy spray-on, wipe-off action
• Rapidly removes finger-marks
• Ideal for glass and other water-resistant hard surfaces, e.g. windows,
mirrors, tiles
• Leaves a pleasant scent behind
• Colour and alphanumeric codes to prevent application mistakes
Use instructions

Two doses in water-filled Divermite R3 bottle (10% in-use solution).
Directions for use:

Remove the spray trigger from the Divermite R3 bottle and fill with clean, fresh
water to the fill level mark indicated on the bottle.
Push the Divermite R3 dispenser button twice to add product.
Securely screw-on the spray trigger, ensure the nozzle is closed, and shake
gently to mix.

1. Spray a small quantity onto a soft, lint-free cloth/paper towel and wipe
surface clean.
2. Buff with a dry cloth/paper towel for extra shine.

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