Diversey Taski Room care R2 Plus 1.5L

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Diversey Taski Room care R2 Plus 1.5L


Multi-surface hygienic cleaner concentrate for use with the JohnsonDiversey
Divermite dispenser
Key properties
• Formulated for the hygienic cleaning of telephones and other hard, waterresistant surfaces
• Slightly alkaline
• Non-abrasive
• Pleasant, fresh Room Care fragrance

• Leaves surfaces hygienically clean
• Quickly and gently removes oily and water-soluble residues
• Regular use hinders lime scale build-up
• Colour and alphanumeric codes to prevent application mistakes
• Leaves a pleasant fragrance
Use instructions

Two doses into 300ml water-filled Divermite R2 bottle (10% in-use solution).

Directions for use:
Remove the spray trigger from the Divermite R2 bottle and fill with clean, fresh
water to the fill level mark indicated on the bottle (300ml). Push the Divermite
R2 dispenser button twice to add product. Securely screw-on the spray trigger,
ensure the nozzle is closed, and shake gently to mix.
Bucket application: Dose the required amount of Taski R2 Plus into the
dispenser ladle and pour the ladleís content into water.

Small areas: Spray a small quantity onto a damp cloth/sponge pad and clean
the surface. Rinse with fresh water or wipe with a clean, damp cloth. Buff with a
dry cloth for extra shine.
Large surfaces (wet cleaning): Per 5 L water, dilute 1 push from the Divermite
R2 dispenser into a bucket. Use a sponge, cloth or mop to apply the solution
and to clean the surface.
Floor: Rinse with clean water or wipe with a damp (rinsed in clean water and
wrung) cloth or mop. Buff with a dry cloth/mop for extra shine.

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