Diversey Taski Room Care R1 Plus 1.5L

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$86.25 Incl GST


Diversey Taski Room Care R1 Plus 1.5L


Daily toilet bowl and urinal cleaner concentrate formulated for use with the
JohnsonDiversey Divermite dispenser.
Key properties
• Citric acid-based formulation
• Ideal viscosity
• Pleasant, fresh Room Care fragrance

• Appropriate for daily use
• Effectively removes stains and deposits from toilet bowls and urinals
• Regular use hinders lime scale build-up
• Extended contact time on vertical/sloped surfaces for optimum cleaning

• Handy squeezable bottle with directional spout for fast and easy application
• Colour and alphanumeric codes to prevent application mistakes
• Leaves a pleasant fragrance
Use instructions

Two doses into 300ml water-filled Divermite R1 bottle (10% in-use solution).
Directions for use:
Remove the spout cap from the Divermite R1 bottle and fill with clean, fresh
water to the level mark indicated on the bottle (300ml). Push the Divermite R1
dispenser button twice to add product. Securely screw-on the spout cap (spout
must be in the closed position) and shake gently to mix.

Flush the toilet bowl or urinal. Gently squeeze the Divermite R1 bottle to direct
product under the rim, around the bowl and onto water/flush paths. Distribute
with toilet brush. Allow at least 10 minutes contact time, use a brush or sponge
pad to remove difficult stains, then flush to rinse.

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