Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for spa Pool 354 ml

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Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for spa Pool 354ml Treatment

Use Waters choice spa pool Enzymes to break down organic matter immediately as they enter your spa or hot tubs. Water is then kept clear and odour free, and bathers don't have to experience unpleasant odour or scum, ensuring the safety of you and your family.  

Pure Enzymes for Spas is the easiest, most convenient way to take care of your spa. This 12-ounce 354ml bottle is a one-month supply of enzymes and is environmentally friendly, saves water, and replaces most of the traditional chemicals in your spa.

When you treat your spa with our enzymes, equipment like pumps, heaters, and jets will last longer. Most importantly, treat yourself to a nice relaxing soak in natural and healthy hot tub.  Your spa water will be softer, cleaner, and leave your skin smooth and your hair soft and shiny.


  • Enzyme clarifier for hot tubs and spa pools
  • Clears cloudy water
  • Prevents unpleasant odors
  • Reduces scum lines and filters from clogging
  • Improves sanitiser (chlorine/bromine) performance
  • Emulsfies and biodegrades body oils, suntan lotions, and other contaminants


  1. Ideally, begin your cleaning process with pipe cleaner & fresh water.
  2. Check that your filter is clean and replace if it is aged.
  3. Balance your spa, ensuring that your Alkalinity levels are between 80-120ppm & your PH is between 7.2-7.6
  4. Wait 2 hours and apply your pure enzymes spa treatment to your spa pool
  5. For additional performance, add a couple of capfuls per week until your next monthly dose. 
  6. Maintain your residual chlorine level at 2-3 ppm with small doses of spa chlor
  7. Rinse your filter weekly during high usage times otherwise fortnightly
  8. continue to maintain your PH at 7.2 - 7.6

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