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LX ALPHA DUAL SPEED POOL PUMP - 2 Speed 0.25hp / 1.5hp

Ideal for fresh or salt pools. Water features. Pools create a lot of joy for families and friends. But they can cost a lot to maintain. Using a 2 speed pump cuts down on power consumption by up to 25% (335KW) per annum. That could mean within 3 years the pump has almost totally paid for itself.  Energy savings are based on 50,000ltr pool with a head of 3mtr running a 1.5Hp dual speed pump.

The other great benefit is LOW NOISE! Running at low speed the pump drops to below 38dB about the same as being in a library. A single speed pump runs at over 50dB which is like being back in the office. So, it’s good for your head space and the next door neighbors as well.

How to use a 2 speed pump;

  • Use low speed for daily filtration
  • Use high speed for;
    • Pool vacuuming
    • Pool back-washing & discharge
    • Aiding the mixing and dispersion of chemicals
    • During or after high bather load

Maintain your dual speed pump in the same way you would a single speed version. Before installing ensure the low speed pump metrics suit the L/max & Q/max properties of your particular pool. Installations, where the pump site is above pool level “must” have a non-return fitting in the in-line.

  • Stainless steel shaft – ideal for salt pools
  • Glass filled poly-propylene construction for strength with High UV protection.
  • Mechanical Seal – carbon ceramic for reliable performance and durability.
  • Bearings sourced from the best, TPI-Taiwan
  • Large leaf basket with clear view lid.
  • Fitting unions - 40mm & 50mm
  • Suction end 1.5m (on high speed)
  • Ready to go plug in with 3m flex.
  • Built in overload thermal protector, made in USA
  • Water ingress to IP55 standard
  • Single Phase 240V/50Hz
  • Operating temp – water <35゜ C / ambient <50゜ C
  • Complies with AS/NZS60335.1 & AS/NZS60335.2.41
  • High speed / low speed switch in-built
  • 3 year domestic warranty (2 year Mechanical Seal warranty), 1 year commercial warranty


  • Great for Salt Pools
    Stainless steel shaft - ideal for salt water pools

  • Low Noise
    LOW NOISE 38dB at low speed setting.

  • Reliable
    3 year domestic warranty (2 year Mechanical Seal warranty).

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