32mm Plastic Vacuum Tube (Ea)

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32mm Plastic Vacuum Tube (Ea)

Plastic Vacuum tubes for the PacVac Contract Pro (Thrift)

These black hard plastic vacuum tubes are replacement tubes for the PacVac Contract Pro (previously known as 'Thrift') back pack vacuum cleaner. They are 32mm fitted tubes and may also fit other vacuums that take 32mm accessories. 

'The Great Debate' - Plastic vs Chrome Plate: While Chrome most certainly sounds better, the Plastic tubes have a few advantages and disadvantages in comparison. The Plastic tubes do not bend or deform like the Chrome Plate tubes and are cheaper to replace. They also weigh less and have no chance of corrosion unlike some 'chrome' plate pipes which are not as advertised. The main drawback is that plastic pipes are more brittle in comparison to the Chrome and thus when they reach the max stress point they will break as opposed to deform which generally means they have to be replaced rather than being able to be fixed. 

Applicable Models:

PacVac Contract Pro (Thrift) - although most 32mm vacuums should be compatible. 

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