Green Rhino Food Prep Sanitizer (5L)

$36.22 Incl GST
$31.50 Excl GST


Green Rhino Food Prep Sanitiser is a multi-purpose, heavy-duty sanitizing cleaner with no artificial fragrances or colours. To be used where bacteria destroying properties are critical e.g. food preparation, production & storage areas. Exceptional for cleaning any non-absorbent surface, including stainless steel and formica cabinets. Also use to sanitize and clean floors, walls, meat and fish fridges, rubbish bins, etc.

• Highly effective, cleans and sanitises surfaces
• Can be used on multiple, non-absorbent surfaces
• Highly concentrated, a little goes a long way
• Very easy to use
• Proudly made in New Zealand

MPI (NZFSA) C31 Approved (all animal product except dairy)

• Areas or surfaces where food are produced/ prepared, served or stored
• Can be used on floors, tables, chairs, benches, walls, meat and fish fridges, freezer, cutting boards, plates, food equipment, rubbish bins, etc

• Hospitality - hotels, motels, holiday parks, resorts, casinos, bubs, restaurants and cafes, fastfood & takeaway outlets, entertainment venues and function centres
• Food manufacturing
• Education - schools, colleges and universities
• Health - hospitals, resthomes / aged care

Use undiluted for heavy cleaning and sanitizing food prep areas, rinse surface with clean water. Also aids odour elimination.

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