Viron Pool Filter Media Glass Ap25 Fine 15kg Bag

$39.00 Excl GST
$44.85 Incl GST


Viron Pool Filter Media Glass Ap25 Fine 15kg Bag

Viron Glass Filter Media is an environmentally friendly alternative to sand and zeolite for high and medium
rate filters. Unlike other glass media, Viron Glass Filter Media is made from 100% recycled plate glass. It is crushed, dried and screened into various sizes to achieve optimal filtration properties. This results in a lighter,
cleaner filter media with better filtration properties and no glue or label residue found in some other
glass media.

Tests show that Viron Glass Filter Media is able to catch more turbid particles, thereby cleaning water
more effectively and efficiently. This may allow pool equipment to be operated for fewer hours which saves you energy and money. The Glass Media is lighter than sand which results in more efficient backwashing using less water and helping the environment.

Superior Clean
8 Cleaner, light weight and highly angular crushed recycled plate glass provides 25% improvement in turbidity removal over silica sand 8 Crushed glass filtration media removes finer particles from the water compared to sand of an equivalent grade 8 Viron Glass Media is less likely to block or channel

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