Sebo ET2 Powerhead for Dart 2 Vac

$632.50 Incl GST
$550.00 Excl GST


Sebo ET2 Powerhead for Dart 2 Vac

Replacement for Dart 2 head or can be swapped out with Dart 3 polisher head. 

Increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue with SEBO Power Brushes. The combination of a unique “swivel” neck adapter and electric brush roller provides ultra fast cleaning maneuverability around obstacles both hard and soft flooring vacuuming. Recommended by leading Carpet and Soft Floor Textile Manufacturers for the correct care and maintenance of their products.

Applicable Models:

Sebo Dart 2 : https://www.countiescleaning.c...

Sebo Dart 3 : https://www.countiescleaning.c...

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