Nilfisk Gd5, Gd10 Microfibre (5pk) - C069

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Nilfisk Gd5, Gd10 Microfibre (5pk) - C069

Quality Nilfisk bags for our GD5 by Filta.

Maintain your vacuum and keep your home or office clean with the Filta Vacuum Cleaner Bags to suit back pack vacuum cleaners. The unique microfibre technology provides superior dust capture, ensuring you are always sucking up dirt and dust keeping your home or office clean. The Filta Vacuum Cleaner Bag is compatible with NILFISK GD5, GD10 vacuum cleaners. Bag is made from microfiber technology that captures up to 99.5% of 0.5 micron dust particles. High capacity vacuum cleaner dust bags for use across many Nilfisk brands and models Uses microfibre technology for superior dust capture Comes in a pack of 5 Microfibre Vacuum bags

Applicable Models:

Nilfisk GD5, GD10

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