Spray Kleena (5L)

$44.00 Excl GST



Application:Spray Kleena is a highly versatile multipurpose cleaner which may replace a wide range of both general and specialist cleaning products designed to remove grease and oil.
Where Spray Kleena can replace more than one specialist cleaning product then savings can usually be made on both the cost per litre used and on the reduced inventory cost incurred when stocking one product instead of two or more.
Spray Kleena possesses excellent detergency to enable normal food industry cleaning functions to be performed at low dilutions, yet can be used neat to solve tough problems such as removing "hard" body soaps from plastic bathroom fixtures without abrasives.
Spray Kleena contains anionic and non-ionic surfactants, solvents, chelating agents and soil suspending silicates.

NZFSA Approved.
Benefit:DIRECTIONS FOR USE General Cleaning-1% Buckets, sprays and foamers. Rendering Areas - 10% Spray or scrub on, hot hose off Engine Cleaning - 10% Heat engine, spray on, hose off Laundry - 5% Pre-soak, neat for spotting. Upholstery - 4% For spray/wiping, neat for tar removal Bathrooms Use neat to remove body soap build-up. Windscreens - 2% Add to car windscreen washers . Oven Cleaning - 30% Preheat to 175?C, spray on, leave 30 mins then wipe clean .Garage Floors Scrub in neat, wait 5 mins, hose clean.

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