Spa Scum Bug Disc (Scum Bug)

$18.00 Excl GST
$20.70 Incl GST


Life Spa Scum Remover Disc - Eliminates Surface Oils And Scum Line Formation.

An amazingly simple idea from Life spa and hot tub essentials. This spa disc attracts and holds all the oily residue like body oils and suntan lotion floating on the surface of your spa. And reduces the formation of dirt around the waterline of your spa. Keeping it clean and healthy. 

  • Absorbs scum and oily residue.
  • Reduces formation of scum lines.
  • Improves filter performance.
  • Floats on Spa or Hot Tub water surface.
  • Can be used time and time again. 
  • When full - Squeeze out, rinse and use again.

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