Diversey General Purpose carpet Spotter 946ml

$24.00 Excl GST
$27.60 Incl GST


Diversey General Purpose Carpet Spotter and carpet Stain remover 946ml

All-purpose, water-based spotter fortified with hydrogen peroxide. Low-residue formula will not resoil your carpet. Gets out tough stains, even the old ones! Safe on all carpets, including wool. Colorless with a floral fresh scent. This is ready use product, does not require any dilution. 


  • Water-based general purpose spotter fortified with hydrogen peroxide
  • Gets out tough stains, even old stains including grape juice, chocolate, coffee, wine and oil
  • Powerful cleaners lift out tough spots and stains, even old ones
  • Leaves no tacky residue, which means no re-soiling
  • CRI approved

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