XT88 Car\Truck Vehicle Wash 500ml

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XT88 CarTruck Vehicle Wash 500ml

XT88 cleans better, REVITALISES paintwork, provides a streak free finish and an AMAZING shine. It also works brilliantly on glass, aluminium, stainless steel, vinyl, plastic & fibre-glass, and more.

XT88 is used and recommended in the following industries:Why does XT88 provide a better clean and how does this revitalise paintwork?Because it works by removing contaminants that continually build up on paintwork and other materials. It is very effective against lime & cement residues (which are used in stabilising roads), brake dust, and standard road grime (oil, diesel, effluent, mud etc). Also it's built in UV protectants help maintain that shine and prevent dulling of paintwork.How environmentally friendly is XT88?Yes, XT88 has been approved by AgriQuality/MAF. MAF do not give their approval lightly. They know how important our environment is to us and our economy

XT88 has been tested and MAF Approved not only for health & safety standards, but for it's efficacy (how well it cleans) and ascetic appeal (that XT88 shine).

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The more you use this product the better the results as dirt & contaminants are less likely to stick.IMPORTANT - XT88 does NOT contain any silicone or waxesWhat about XT88 for use in the professional car washing industry?It has proven to be an excellent product in the professional car wash industry. XT88 is currently in use in New Zealand in some 300 car wash machines, both brush (friction/soft touch) and touchfree (touchless) and is providing amazing results.Transport
Commercial Vehicle Dealers
(both new & used)
Utility Companies
Panel beaters and more .

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