New Era multi purpose cleaner 5L

$48.30 Incl GST
$42.00 Excl GST


New Era multi purpose cleaner 5L.

New Era is a specialized chemical which combines both a concentrated detergent and sophisticated solvents and can tackle almost any cleaning problem. 

New era multi purpose cleaner can be used for : -

Kitchens: Floors, Walls, stainless steel, stoves, ovens, fefrigerators, disposals, cookwarem coffee pots, etc.

Washrooms: Floors, walls, tubs, basins, fixtures, shower curtains, tiles, mirrors.

General: Fireplaces, air filters, floors (vinyl, cork, asphalt, tiles), paintwork, window screens, aluminum windows frames, venetaion blinds, cupboards, woodwork, upholstery, carpet spotting. Wax polish stripper.

OUTSIDE: Exterior furniture, patios, movers, garden tools, Barbecue, swimming pools.


Light soiling – 1:60  - 1:80

Medium Soiling : 1:40 – 1:60

Heavy soiling – 1:20 – 1:40

New Era Multiclean M/P (5L)

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