Geosil Ds Anti-Viral Disinfectant 20L

$142.48 Incl GST
$123.90 Excl GST


GeoSIL DS is a ready-to-use anti-viral disinfectant, suitable for application as a spray using hand held, backpack, or mechanized spray equipment. It is for a wide range of surface and airborne pathogens. It is totally chlorine free, and all of the ingredients of GeoSIL DS are approved food additives. GeoSIL DS is suitable for disinfection of all types of surfaces, including plastics, metal, glass, stone, china, stainless steel, etc.

A/C ,ventilation systems & cooling towers Animal housings and veterinary facilities
Animal husbandry & health Building water services (Legionella control)
Bathroom & laundry disinfection Boats, mobile homes and caravan water tanks
Dairy Industry Disinfection of hands, tools, sanitary installations
Drinking water supplies & Rainwater Tanks Fish processing
Floors, walls, ceilings, drains & vehicles Food and beverage preparation areas
Food & Beverage processing Fruit & vegetable processing
Food preparation machines and work surfaces Food transport containers
Food processing tools and equipment Horticulture and hydroponic water supplies
General purpose anti viral disinfectant Kitchen, utensils, shelves
Hospitality & tourism premises Household disinfection
Hospitals, first aid & emergency areas Odour control
Medical & veterinary services Public & private toilet facilities
Organic food production Poultry broiler farms & egg producers
Pool surrounds, changing areas, showers Saunas and solariums
Retail premises & supermarkets Disinfection of hands, tools, sanitary installations
Schools, kindergartens, & rest homes Waste disposal and storage areas
Sport Clubs, Gymnasiums and gym equipment  

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