Tork 530 Heavy Duty Multipurpose Cleaning cloth 530179

$50.71 Incl GST
$44.10 Excl GST


Tork 530 Heavy Duty Cleaning cloth 530179

If your staff are wasting time sorting through rags and cloths they are spending less time on the job at hand. Tork® Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloths are strong and absorbent multipurpose cloths that work with most solvents and withstand hard scrubbing without falling apart.

Industrial cleaning cloths Fits the Tork Folded Wiper Cloth Dispenser
excelICLEAN technology
Quick and professional cleaning abilities
Strong texture material
Absorbs oil and water
Compatible with most detergents and solvents
Silicone free
No residue
Highly absorbent

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