Caskade Freeway Floor Cleaner/Disinfectant 5L

$42.00 Excl GST


Caskade Freeway Floor Cleaner/Disinfectant 5L

FREEWAY is a broad spectrum cleaner capable of removing
most soil types easily from walls, floors, benches, bowls and
painted surfaces.
FREEWAY has a two way disinfecting action: alkyl-benzyldimethyl-
ammonium-chloride provides the activity against gram
positive bacteria whereas the tree pine oil naturally present in the
pine oil base provides synergistic activity against gram negative
bacteria. This synergistic activity is especially useful in hospital
situations where a broad-spectrum sanitiser is required at a low
cost. Odour causing bacteria are controlled and replaced by a
natural fresh perfume.
FREEWAY is effective in hot and cold water, in hard water, and
is sufficiently low foaming to be used with automatic scrubbing
equipment. It is concentrated allowing economical dilution yet it's
totally organic formulation means no rinsing is required.
FREEWAY contains non-ionic surfactants, solvents, pine oil,
chelating agents, penetrants, reodorants, and over 0.5% alkyl
benzyl dimethyl ammonium chloride in a totally organic

DIRECTIONS FOR USE HEAVY CLEANING & DEGREASING 20% (1:5) 5% (1:20) for toilets, showers, floors in washrooms. 1.5% (1:60) for vinyl, floors, walls, etc. in traffic areas. LIGHT MAINTENANCE 0.75% (1:150) for glass, tiles SPRAY BUFFING NEAT to 10% (up to 1:10) provides cleaning and gloss

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