Parts Wash Solvent cleaner 20L

$156.97 Incl GST
$136.50 Excl GST


Marketing Chemical Brand Parts Wash Solvent 20L

Marketing Chemicals Parts Wash Cleaner has been formulated to be a user friendly solvent designed to be used in conjunction with Parts Wash Machines or as a pre cleaner prior to engine assembly.


Parts Washing Solvent

Pre Cleaning Solvent

Degreasing where a water rinse is not applicable.


Always use the product in its neat form. Do not try to mix the product with water.

Spray or brush product onto article to be cleaned. Allow to air dry or an airgun may be used to speed up the drying process.

Note: This product is safe on most skin types however prolonged contact with operator's hands may cause the skin to dry out.

Parts Wash Safety Data Sheet

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