PacVac Superpro 700 Reusable Dust Bag

$45.88 Incl GST
$39.90 Excl GST


PacVac Superpro 700 Reusable Dust Bag

For the Superpro 700 series backpack vacuums.

This reusable vacuum dust bag is manufactured from high quality SMS material that provides a robust bag which delivers high levels of filtration. The use of this bag is not optional, as it prevents dust from passing through to the motor and causing damage to the machine. To clean and reuse, simply remove and empty the dust bag, insert a new dust bag into the machine and then vacuum out the dirty bag. If desired, you may gently hand wash the bag, however it is important to ensure the bag is completely dry and free from damage before reinserting it into the vacuum. Pacvac recommends using this in conjunction with a disposable dust bag.

Applicable Models

700OS, 700BAS, 700WOS, 700DOS

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