Magic Eraser cleaning Sponge Large

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Magic Eraser cleaning Sponge Large

The Filta Wonder Sponge has a very high nano-fiber count making it one of the most effective erasing sponges you can get!

This Filta Wonder Sponge Cleaning Pad will remove many difficult dirt stains from all washable surfaces. It uses Nano-fibre technology and is perfect for stubborn marks, pots and pans, taps and sinks, bathroom grime and glass etc. Simply wet and use on almost any washable surface. Your eraser pad works a bit like a pencil eraser and will wear out a little as you use it.

How do eraser the sponges work?

Nano-Fibers are the key. Melamine - a type of hard plastic, and when it is made into a foam a fine porous surface is created. The foam is made of super-fine fibers that lift and trap dirt and rub out marks. You do no need any chemicals for the sponge to do its work, just wet and wipe.

Works great on a multitude of cleaning tasks but great uses include cleaning grubby marks of painted walls, wiping dust and muck of skirting boards and cleaning doors around door handles where marks occur. You can cut them to size turning one sponge into many, many more as well.


  • Simply wet and use on any washable surface
  • No need to use harsh chemicals- just add water
  • Measures 280x110x35mm
  • Cut to any size for versatile use
  • High Nano-Fiber count for great cleaning results!

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