Bluey Fibreglass Sand Filter Combos



Bluey Fibreglass Sand Filter & Multiport Valve

Whether Chlorine or Salt, Bluey does the job.

Available in:

  • 525 Diameter O/D(Takes 85Kg of Sand)
  • 625 Diameter O/D (Takes 150kg of Sand)
  • 700 Diameter O/D (Takes 200kg of Sand)

Removing unwanted additions to your pool is critical to pool health. You need a filter that can not only retain this washout from filtration but handle the high pressure action of a good pump.

Bluey filters are solid wound fibreglass. They are UV & chemical resistant and handle up to 36psi.2.5bar.
Bluey Filters come with a 6 position Multi port valve with sight glass and SS pressure gauge.
Ideal for use on any sort of pool regardless of whether fresh or salt water.
Warranty – 5years on parts. (Excludes spider valve seal)

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