Everest Pure Water Ion Exchange DI Tank 10L w/ Resin

$347.88 Incl GST
$302.50 Excl GST


Everest Pro DI 10L Tank with pre-water filter.

A window cleaning DI (deionization) tank is a specialized piece of equipment used in the window cleaning industry to purify water and remove impurities that can leave streaks and spots on windows. The tank typically consists of a large cylindrical container filled with a resin that removes mineral ions from the water through a process called ion exchange.

The Everest Pro 10L DI tank is connected to a garden hose and used in conjunction with a water-fed pole to clean windows. The purified water is pumped through the pole and sprayed onto the window, where it dissolves and lifts dirt and grime. Because the water is free from impurities, it dries clear without leaving streaks or spots.

DI tanks are an essential tool for professional window cleaners who require high-quality results. 

This Everest Pro Tank will come with 10L DI Resins. With proper use and maintenance, a window cleaning DI tank can help achieve sparkling, streak-free windows every time.

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