Deluxe Flat Mop Bucket - With Drain

$132.82 Incl GST
$115.50 Excl GST


The Deluxe Flat Mop Bucket is a practical, ergonomic wheeled design intended for heavy commercial and industrial use. This mop bucket with wringer on wheels as well as flat mop fringe press tray provides easy, no-touch wringing.

Key Benefits:

  • Press wring bucket is an easy, ergonomic way to wring out Trust and Filta microfiber flat mop pads up to 54cm in length.
  • The press tray provides easy, no-touch use without any bending over or pulling involved
  • The built in washboard surface effectively removes dirt and debris from pads before wringing, while the twist valve lets you empty the dirty water after you're done without lifting
  • Bucket has a smooth, non-porous surface that prevents bacterial growth and makes it easy-to-clean
  • Durable all-plastic construction and four non-marking casters provide easy maneuverability.

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