BWT BC40 Pool Vacuum Rechargeable

$385.25 Incl GST
$335.00 Excl GST


BWT BC40 rechargeable pool vacuum cleaner is an Easy, modern pool care option for medium-sized pools. Wireless pool cleaner,  With its powerful lithium-ion battery, runs up to 75 Minutes on Full Charge. 

BWT BC40 pool vacuum comes With a generous filter bag, with a capacity of 6.5 liters, the pool vacuum can absorb a large number of impurities, leafs etc.

The BWT Pool Vacuum BC40 is particularly suitable for easy bottom cleaning of above-ground pools and pools of up to 25 m³. Its built-in safety mechanism ensures that the blades automatically stop operating if they become clogged. The practical LED indicator lights up as soon as the device is ready for use and informs you when the filter is clogged or the pool vacuum needs to be recharged. Thanks to its strong suction power, sand, gravel and other dirt can be removed effectively.

The battery pool vacuum BC40 is compatible with all standard telescopic poles (Poles not included) 

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