Ecolab Lime A Way 5L

$171.46 Incl GST
$149.10 Excl GST


Lime A Way

Lime-A-Way™ cleaner effectively removes hard water deposits and lime scale from dishmachines and surrounding stainless steel. Lime scale builds-up on dishmachine rinse arms, nozzles and jets. Even the slightest amount can decrease performance and increase energy cost. Improve your customers’ warewashing results and operational efficiency by regularly deliming their dishmachines.


  • Deliming dishmachines
  • Deliming steam tables
  • Descaling coffee urns
  • Cleaning stainless steel
  • Cleaning tile walls, floors and showers
  • Cleaning toilet bowls and urinals
  • Laboratory glassware
  • Laboratory animal cages

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