Biozyme Dual chamber foamer

$53.13 Incl GST
$46.20 Excl GST


Bio-zyme Dual chamber foamer is Manufactured with high-quality components, the Fixed Ratio Foamer is designed to mix and foam water and product at the same time at 60mls/litre water, making it ideal for dispensing our concentrated products. This ensures the correct dilution rate is always used when cleaning.

By using our ready to use Bio-zyme Dual Chamber Foamer you will reduce the amount of spray bottles
and triggers you need to purchase. This follow the concept of Pre-cycling, which eliminates or drastically reduces the need to recycle or dispose of waste by not creating waste in the first place. In short, this is a more effective approach to reducing environmental impact than Recycling


Ergonomically designed
Adjustable foaming tip
Durable trigger
Unique Advanced metering system
Chambers easily refilled
Concentrate refilled using lotion pump to administer
Easy to operate chamber locking system


2 x 340 mls refillable chambers (one for
water and one for concentrate)

Height: Bottles 160mm. Dual chamber
Foamer 300mm


Desks | Chairs | Work Stations
Benches | Kitchen | Floors
Outside Setting | Door Handles
Toilets | Basins | Urinals | Urinettes
Upholstery - carpet
Sports Equipment | Toys
Rubbish Bins
Any washable surface

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