Clarks Megawash Vehicle and Building Wash 5L

$32.19 Incl GST
$27.99 Excl GST


Clarks MEGAWASH Vehicle and Building Wash is designed for quick and economical vehicle cleaning through high pressure spray equipment, although manual application can be used successfully. ontains a blend of detergents that cut rapidly through road film and exerts a powerful emulsifying action. Megawash biodegradable and does not contain caustic soda or solvents.

For use in spray or brush applications for cleaning buildings, cars, trucks,
buses, vans and motorcycles.

Optimum cleaning is achieved by foam spraying the entire surface from
the bottom up leaving for approximately 10 minutes.

Then pressure rinse from the bottom up with the nozzle outlet 15-30cm from
the vehicle surface. Final rinse from the top to the bottom using at least
500 psi (3445 kPa) pressure. 

Dilution rate 1:25 with water. 

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