About four years ago we made the decision to put in a swimming pool. With five children who all love swimming our main concern was on how we would keep the water in our new pool looking good with the high usage it was getting. To our relief we were advised to use Blue Crystal. We were amazed at how well it kept our pool water clean and clear. It was easy to use and worked really well. How well it worked we didn’t realise until last summer when we were unable to source Blue Crystal. The effort to keep our pool crystal clear was often in vain. So when we were contacted by Counties Cleaning Services telling us that they were now stocking Blue Crystal we were thrilled and couldn’t get down there quick enough to stock up for the summer. Overnight our pool was crystal clear again and we are looking forward to another summer of easy maintenance.

Martin and Lorraine Moloney



"After owning pools for 25 years I discovered 'Blue Crystal" 13 years ago and have never looked back. This is a wonderful product and have recommended it on many occasions - even to overseas resorts. I am a particularly fussy pool owner and like to keep it clean and clear winter and summer. I found it quite an unpleasant task chlorinating everyday over the summer months therefore anything to make my life simpler I will try. I have also found that I don't need to filter everyday as recommended. This all cost saving on power and chlorine. This year I tried it in the spa pool - works a treat!"

Annie Williams



I have been using blue crystal for the last 8 years, having tried chlorine and baquacil systems.

Converting to blue crystal was as easy as the recommendation on the side of the bottle,, to shock dose then add the appropriate amount of blue crystal , and instantly the pool cleared to believe it or not sparkling blue .

The true beauty of the system is that’s all that one does I have hardly tested the water since occasional test for bicarbonate buffering and acidity and that’s it about once a year .

I have been in the habit of adding occasional chlorine tablets when there is hard use of the pool and monthly shock dosing with chlorine.

In one years time repeat the treatment, talk about a simple system ---- clean blue pool that is hygienic with no eye problems scale or bacterial bloom .

I couldn’t recommend it any higher

Dr Brian Ross