Hygiene without chlorine means no stinging eyes, no skin irritation, no taste or smell.

BLUE CRYSTAL is an advanced method of biocontrol which provides protection against both algae and bacteria, all year round.

The unique method requires minimal maintenance offering greater flexibility than other systems. Pool water treated with Blue Crystal is hygienic, clear, odourless, and tasteless.

BLUE CRYSTAL provides an excellent alternative to chlorine.

SEE the difference, FEEL the difference with Chlorine Free BLUE CRYSTAL.

Used with a ‘shock dose’ treatment of your choice Blue Crystal provides an excellent alternative to chlorine.

Chlorine has a different role in this situation compared to a pool treated only with chlorine.

In such pools the chlorine must be present and active at all times, where as in Blue Crystal pools the two treatments work together so that the chlorine is completely spent and no longer present or active allowing you to swim chlorine free, while still being protected by Blue Crystal.